Dayton Montgomery County Scholarship Program
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Dayton Montgomery County Scholarship Program

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I apply?

If you are eligible to apply, you will receive the necessary information through your high school guidance office beginning in mid-to-late January of your senior year.

Is there a deadline?

Yes. Deadline dates are determined by your high school guidance office. Your counselor will give you the deadline date. The online application process will be frozen on that date and no further applications can be processed.

How do I submit my application?

After completing your online application, take the necessary documentation to your high school guidance counselor. Only applications submitted to the DMCSP office through the guidance counselors will be accepted.

You can get more information from your guidance counselor.

Do I have to attend college full-time?

Yes, these scholarships are for full-time attendance only.

May I go to any college or university?

You may attend the college or university of your choice within the United States as long as it is a recognized accredited institution.

How are the funds distributed?

Scholarship dollars are sent directly to the college or university you are attending. No funds are sent directly to recipients.

If your question isn’t answered here, search this website or contact us using our secure contact form.